Vastu Free Tips for office - Vastu Tips for Designing Office .

The office is a very Important place where we spend the most significant portion of our working lives . Thus it is very important that the Office should me Designed as per the Principles of Vastu Shastra Along with the functionality and Decor  of the working area.

The working conditions and the environment in the office  directly affect the productivity of the persons working in the office . As per my Experience  Business and office which are designed as Per the Rules of Vastu Shastra have an Extremely Positive influence  on the whole organization thus positively effecting productivity, mental well-being and general health of persons working in a Vastu Compliant office .

Benefits of Vastu in an office Environment :

RECEPTION AREA : It is the reception area that makes the first impact on the visitor and proper arrangement of the Reception area as Per Vastu Gives an Extremely Positive first Impression to the Visitors.
The Best Placement for a reception Area is the North East or North Area of the office . The Seating of the receptionist should be such that she should face the East or North Directions.

Marketing Department : As per the Rules of Vastu Shastra the Marketing Department is Rules by Vayu Tatva or Air Element .  As per Vastu this Vayu or Air Element is located in north West Side Direction .  This Its best Advisable that the  Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone or Section  of the office .

Office Staff and Executives - As per Vastu Shastra Northern and eastern zones or Section of the office  is best for  for seating the regular office Staff and Executives

Top level Managers Rooms :  As per the rules of Vastu . the best Placement of Top Level Managers is the South Side or the Western  Side of the office .

CEO / DIrectors office / Room -  The Best Placement for the Room of the CEO or Director of the Company is the Exact Corner or the Section of South West . As per the Rules of Vastu South West is Prithivi Tatva or the Direction of Stability . Thus A CEO Sitting in the South West can provide more Stability to the Organisation.

CONFERENCE ROOM : Conference room is best Regarded to be in the Center or Close to the North East of the office .  As per Vastu its best Advisable to have a Round or Oval table in the Conference Room . Square and rectangular Tables are not Good as per vastu Shastra.

Office Pantry : For offices that can afford the space , a clean well designed and pleasant looking cafeteria or canteen will help employees relax.  Pantry is the Place for Cooking or heating Food , Preparing tea Coffee for the Staff or Similar work .  The main Element to Consider for the placement of Pantry in the office is in the South East Side . South East is Agni Tatva - The Place of Fire and Heat . Thus Pantry here in best recommended .

Accounts Department - Proper Flow of Finances is one of the Utmost Requirement of Any Business or office and Proper Vaastu Ensures that there there will be complete financial progress of the Business.  To Ensure this the Most Important factor is the Placement of the Accounts Department . As per Vastu its best Advised to have a Accounts Department in the North Section of the Office . As per Vastu North is the Direction of Kuber - the God of Wealth . Thus An accounts Department in the North gets the Blessings of Kuber and there is a very good financial Progress in the Company .

Servers / UPS Power Supply  / Xerox Machine - Servers and UPS Power Supply are Governed by Agni Element - As mentioned above South East is Agni Tatva - The Place of Fire and Heat . Thus its Best recomended to have Servers / UPS Power Supply  / Xerox Machine here .

 Kindly Note the Placement of Files in the Accounts Department  :

Vastu Tips for Office Interiors


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