Vastu Expert  Amit Lamba is Based in Mumbai - INDIA and Provides VASTU SHASTRA CONSULTANCY  to Clients all over India .

Vastu Shastra Expert Consultancy and Remedial Vastu Shastra Guidance Available for Residence , Homes , offices , Factories , Restaurants , Malls , Upcoming Construction Projects in Mumbai and ALL OVER INDIA


To Fix a Vastu Shastra Appointment with Vastu Expert Mr Amit Lamba for your Home office Factory or Restaurant .   Contact Now on       9819015736 -        9324012326

23 , Raj Kunj , R C Marg Chembur  Mumbai . 400074 . INDIA


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Online Vastu Consultancy Services :      Map Analysis of Residential &   Commercial Properties around the world.



Mr Amit Lamba - A Leading Vastu Shastra Expert in Mumbai -INDIA - He has been Practicing for almost 10 years and has perfected the art of vastu Shastra . Amit Lamba is a Personal Vastu Expert & Consultant to Leading Businessmen / Corporate and  Industrialists and various Personalities from the Glamour and Film Industry all over India .

VASTU REMEDIES EXPERT - Amit Lamba has also perfected the art of Vastu remedies and has successfully eliminated Vastu Defects in Homes Offices and Factories thus Helping his clients lead highly Successful and prosperous Lives.

After Assessment of any  Property for the Vastu Defects , Mr Amit lamba  Uses Simple and Inexpensive Vastu Remedies thus helping people with fast Results and helping them lead prosperous lives.


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