Vastu Shastra is a Science of Nature and can also be called a science of architecture that combines with the Directions along with the 5 elements of nature namely Fire , Water , Earth , Air and Sky Element to create a Positive Environment and helps enhance the life of persons living in such an environment .

Vastu Shastra helps to create a harmonious environment at home office / Factory or any Place or piece of land .

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science of Building and Designing your Home or Office in accordance with the natural forces of nature in order to provide you with a good life health, wealth, prosperity and happiness to all persons living and working in a Vastu compliant home or office .

How can Vastu Help Me?
Our Ancient Seers had complete knowledge about the Environment and the forces of Nature and its effects on us Humans .
Thus with their immense knowledge of the Environment this Science of Vastu Shastra was designed and created by them which provides us with the architectural knowledge of appropriate placement of rooms as per the rules of Vastu , Designing of the Rooms as per the Rules of Vastu . Proper Placement of doors windows , placement of Toilets and other structures in the House .

With the help of Vastu Shastra , You can know the most appropriate directions for the various functions at home or Office , Namely Proper Placement of Kitchen , Bedrooms etc and In Office Vastu Suggests proper placements and allocation of Space for Vasrious Functions of the Office like Sales Department , Accounts Department , Placement of toilets etc . Thus The objective of Vaastu is to achieve a perfect sense of balance between humans and nature.

Thus over the years it has been Observed that Persons living in Vastu Compliant Houses are more successful / Disease free and lead positive lives .

A Good Vastu Expert can Help you Balance the Energies of your home  by removing  Vastu Defects and bringing  prosperity in your life . Vastu Can be very used full in Enhancing  relationship in Marriage , Vastu Helps in clearing blockages in career , Vastu is extremely helpful to stimulate positive flow of money .  Vastu can be well used for Factories to Enhance Productivity , Proper Use of Vastu Helps in avoiding Labor Problems , The Uses and benefits of Vastu are Endless .


VASTU REMEDIES -Vastu Shastra is a science of Harmony and wellbeing and if the Houses or offices are Build according to Vastu They Provide Immense Growth and Prosperity . BUT this is not the case in Urban cities like Mumbai / Delhi / Pune / Nasik etc where most of the time the Vastu Part is compromised and I have seen that most of the Buildings build are not in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra thus causing Vastu Defects . Also Most of the Times it is also observed due to Various External Factors Vastu Compliance is Not Possible thus leading to Vastu Defects in the property . In Such Cases the Ancient Seers of Vastu Shastra had formulated various Vastu Remedies to offset the Negativity of Vastu Defects and thus Leading to Maximum Vastu Compliance to the Inhabitants of the Property .

There Are Many Excellent Vastu Remedies which can be used to rectify Vastu Defects like Vastu Crystals , Vastu Yantras , Vastu Pyramids , gemstones etc .




Our  Ancient Indian Vedic Texts mention that living in Vastu Compliant Homes lead to the following Positive Effects in our Lives.
                    Good Wealth , Good Health and Good luck .
                    Good Fortune, Good Reputation.
                    Prosperity and Abundance of all good things of Life.
                    Emotional Stability Peace of Mind .
                    Creativity and Positive Thinking .
                    Harmonious Relation between Husband and wife.
                    Harmonious Relation between All other members of the Family.
                    Blessings of Elders and Fulfillment of All Desires.
                    Victory over competitors and rivals .

Thus  people who live and work according to Vastu find that they:

                    Think more Clearly and Creatively.
                    Make Better Decisions.
                    Feel Happier and Healthier.
                    Feel more Alert and Refreshed throughout the Day.
                    Enjoy More Restful and Refreshing Sleep.
                    Enjoy More Energy and Less Fatigue.
                    Experience less Stress and Greater Peace of Mind.
                    Feel Protected by Their Home.



Mr Amit Lamba - A Leading Vastu Shastra Expert in Mumbai -INDIA - He has been Practicing for almost 10 years and has perfected the art of vastu Shastra . Amit Lamba is a Personal Vastu Expert & Consultant to Leading Businessmen / Corporate and  Industrialists and various Personalities from the Glamour and Film Industry all over India .

VASTU REMEDIES EXPERT - Amit Lamba has also perfected the art of Vastu remedies and has successfully eliminated Vastu Defects in Homes Offices and Factories thus Helping his clients lead highly Successful and prosperous Lives.

After Assessment of any  Property for the Vastu Defects , Mr Amit lamba  Uses Simple and Inexpensive Vastu Remedies thus helping people with fast Results and helping them lead prosperous lives.



Copyright - Vastu Shastra Expert Amit Lamba - Mumbai INDIA

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